For the love of trees

Recently, the Fargo-Moorhead trees have been having a rough time of it. Thanks to the drought, much of the foliage is showing signs of stress. How can you tell? Smaller than normal or wilting leaves, premature shedding, and early fall color are all tell-tale signs, according to our region’s foresters. And that’s just for the mature trees. Many newly planted trees didn’t survive the dry conditions. Why does this matter? Well, there’s just something about greenery that boosts our mental and physical health, whether or not we’re entirely conscious of it. Plus, trees and real estate go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t believe us? Then for the love of trees, read on!

Trees help get rid of noise pollution.

Most noise pollution is man-made. Sure, not many people appreciate being woken up at the crack of dawn by an unexpectedly loud robin. But you’re more likely to be disturbed by noisy traffic, businesses, your neighbors, and such. Noise pollution interrupts your sleep, disrupts your work, infringes on your quiet time, and annoys your best friend Fido. It’s true. Studies have shown that noise pollution is equally harmful on animals and plants as it is on humans. Well, guess what? Trees are nature’s noise blockers. Thanks to their absorbing, deflecting, refracting, and masking superpowers, they can reduce noise pollution by as much as 50%. Thanks to this, they’re helping us all be healthier and happier. So is there a “best” tree to promote this kind of zen? There is! Both the larch and the conifer are top ranked by scientists for combatting noise pollution in urban environments.

Trees also help get rid of actual pollution for, you know, the environment and whatnot.

Your old biology teacher wasn’t lying. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees and plants remove carbon dioxide from the air. What’s even better, they then release that sweet, sweet oxygen into our atmosphere for purer air and more satisfying breathing. Did you know that Earth’s forests and soil absorb about 30% of atmospheric carbon emissions? On one hand, the planet could support another 900 million hectares of forest. On the other hand, planting and maintaining trees helps mitigate the effects of climate change. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get planting!

A well-placed tree will reduce your energy costs.

Although this isn’t often acknowledged, a tree positioned strategically on your property has another cool (wink wink) trick up its sleeve. It changes the temperature in your home by providing cooling shade in the summer, which translates to lower air conditioning costs. In the winter, it blocks the coldest of cold winter winds, keeping your house warmer. While North Dakota is one of the states with the lowest energy cost savings, trees have been shown to help reduce energy costs elsewhere in the country by as much as 25-40%. Ka-ching! Consider planting deciduous trees for shade in the summer and evergreen trees for warmth in the winter. Your energy bill will thank you.

Trees improve property values.

Little known fact (except maybe by realtors): homes with trees have higher property values. There are many reasons for this, and they affect both home buyers and home sellers. A beautiful tree will improve a home’s curb appeal. It increases privacy and shade, making your front or back yard a great place to hang when it’s nice out. It also helps to prevent soil erosion, giving you an easier time with the rest of your landscaping. The good news if you’re trying to increase the value of your home is that almost any tree (once it’s mature and healthy) will do. The stats don’t lie. The average price increase on homes with trees versus comparable homes without trees is about 7%. Not bad, eh?

They bring out the best of summer.

Did you know that neighborhoods with trees are 7 to 9 degrees cooler than those without? You can trust trees to hold up a swing and give the kiddos something to explore. They attract birds and wildlife, so you can finally have a go at that one scene from Snow White. We’ve all been there. There’s no denying it: summer + trees = adventure!

“Do you know why trees don’t like riddles? Because they’re afraid of being stumped.” Don Kinzler

Often times a tree’s value is viewed through the lens of how much lumber it can produce. But trees are much more valuable than we think. Did we mention that they absorb dust in the air? What about providing shelter for livestock on farmsteads? The list goes on and on. That’s why there are programs like Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation, whose sole mandate is to celebrate those places that are committed to growing more trees. They also help them manage and expand that urban canopy. So this cuffing season, find a tree and hug it tight!

And if you’re looking for other ways to get the most out of your home, increase its value, or just want to chat trees, give us a call at (701) 543-2200 or drop by the Raboin Realty office in West Fargo.