Staying Mindful During COVID-19

meditating person

The world is experiencing a crisis, and the effects are manifesting in many forms. Obviously, for some, it’s physical to the point of being tragic and deadly. In our efforts to flatten the curve, the effects become financial too, as good folks are laid off, furloughed, or unable to perform the job under these trying circumstances. As we all know, money is a point of stress for many, and when we involve stress, our minds are put to the test.

Your mind and ability to keep it together are more important during these especially hard times.

Find some time for you and you alone.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes, see what you can do to find some silent space and allow your mind to relax and your body to breathe.

Here’s a helpful website you can check out that gives good advice about mindfulness and the basics for getting started.

Mindfulness: How to Do It

If you want to check out a guided mindfulness meditation session, head to…

…or check out their YouTube channel to get started immediately. Here’s an example:

Good luck with your journey towards greater mindfulness in these difficult times. Be well!